Employee Matching Gift Programs

Did you know that many companies have an Employee Matching Gift Program?

Each program runs differently but the idea is the same: for each donation made by an employee, the employer will reciprocate with a gift of an equal amount. The compnay may only match up to a specific amount but the donation could be financial donation or a donation of volunteer time. 

To have a gift matched by your company:

    • Check with your Human Resources Department to see if your company has a Matching Gift Program
    • Get any necessary forms from your employer and make sure to complete them
    • If you are raising the employee portion of the donation through fundraisers (e.g. bake sale or 50/50) please complete our Third Party Form, as we will do our best to assist you
    • Send your donation and indicate that there will be a Matching Gift from your Company to follow
    • Brunswick Street Mission will provide you and your company with an acknowledgment letter and tax receipt (when applicable).


    Be a Difference Maker in your Workplace!