Trusteeship Program

Open: Monday to Friday

Hours: 9am to 2pm

Contact: Please call 902-423-4605. 

Eligible for the Program: If you are receiving Income Assistance you can self-refer or have your case worker give us a call. Bonus: we will work with those receiving CPP cheques.

Not eligible: those receiving Old Age Security payments. 


The Trusteeship program provides financial management for individuals who have a history of struggling to maintain their limited income. Financial management allows for our Trustee, who is committed to being the point of ethical and reasonable decision-making, to accept income cheques, pay bills (rent, power) and send the remaining portion for other living expenses to the individual. 

Besides assisting with money management, the Trusteeship Program can help negotiate with the landlord if you have no references or have arrears with a previous landlord as well as help negotiate a payment plan for bills you may have fallen behind on. We can help find housing and provides individualized support with life skills. Depending on need, clients may receive coaching in areas such as budgeting, resume writing and interview skills. Clients are also assisted with problem solving and setting goals, and are often connected with other services and supports that will help them achieve their goals.

Many of those using the Trusteeship program are experiencing mental disorders including addiction, learning disabilities, and chronic psychosis. Many are experiencing homelessness and many more are at risk of homelessness if this service were not available. 

The program supports approximately 200 clients annually.