Income Tax Returns

Don't miss out on any benefits you qualify for. Let us help you with your taxes.

Open: Monday to Friday

Hours: 9am to 2pm

Please bring: Social Insurance Number, T4s and T5s. We will also need your name, address and case worker information. NOTE: we can not file taxes if any documentation is missing.

Eligibility: This program is for low income individuals and their families and we may be able to help you if you are self-employed. We can also help you catch up on multiple years.

Not Eligible: we are not able to complete business returns.


Brunswick Street Mission offers a program for vulnerable people at tax time. Brunswick Street Mission knows that people living in poverty struggle with keeping records and filling out forms, but thanks to knowledgable volunteers, people can get their income taxes done and qualify for government rebates (GST).

A year round program supporting those on Income Assistance ensures that these individuals don’t lose benefits as well as supporting those who may be eligible but require additional help. 

Many individuals using the program are challenged by language barriers, literacy issues or are homeless and without personal records or identification. 

The program has consistently grown over the years from 50 returns completed to 1,000 returns completed this past tax season.