Breakfast Program

In need of a hot meal to start your day?

Open: Monday to Saturday

Hours: 6am to 9am with Breakfast served at 7am

Note: The dining room is accessed by an outdoor staircase. A wheelchair accessible side door can be opened for those with mobility issues however please note that the door is located on a fairly steep driveway off Barrington Street. You must arrange use of this door in advance by calling 902-423-4605.

In Halifax, a number of organizations provide a continuum of shelter and meal services for vulnerable persons. Brunswick Street Mission’s role in this continuum of care is to provide a hot breakfast 6 days a week to any in need. 

Guests include those who are temporarily homeless as a result of a crisis (family breakdown), the hard to house (those with addictions or mental illness) and many who have housing but are struggling to make ends meet.

Approximately 20,000 hot meals are prepared and provided annually.


Looking for other times and locations for meals throughout the HRM? Here are two downloadable documents that might help:

Halifax Weekly Meals Sheet

Dartmouth and Spryfield Weekly Meals Sheet