Benevolent Program

Are you facing a crisis and need help managing sizeable bills (power bills or rent arrears)? Want to talk to someone and get help to move forward in life and are able to be employed. 

Open: Tuesday and Thursday

Hours: 9am to 2pm

Get Help: please call 902-423-4605 or visit us in person (no emails will be accepted as registration to speak to someone in the program)


The Benevolent Program is for those who are facing a crisis and need help managing one-time sizeable bills (Nova Scotia Power or rent), employment expenses like work-boots or registration fees or expenses involved in leaving a violent partner. People have an opportunity to receive guidance, community connections and other services so they can prepare to move forward in life. Over 500 people receive support through this program annually, including assistance with bills or investments in changes to their situations.

If we aren't able to help we may refer the individual to another appropriate program. On-going issues may be better suited to our Trusteeship Program. We will not give any funds directly to the person in need but instead will provide it directly to the landlord, Nova Scotia Power, etc.

Poverty is often chronic and it doesn’t take much for a person’s budget to fail (a broken appliance, minor accident, illness or other basic costs) causing tremendous pressures.  Sometimes, a relatively small amount of assistance can help avert a crisis or help bring stability to an individuals life so they can enter an educational institution or re-enter the workforce.

The program is coordinated by a volunteer who speaks to Benevolent Program clients and helps them through their challenges, supports them to overcome obstacles, listens to their challenges and assists them in securing items (steel-toed work boots).